Data Protection and Privacy

Data protection and privacy is at the heart of our business. We treat personal information seriously, respect our users’ privacy as well as their personal information choices. The Graduway platform has been designed and built using ‘privacy-by-design’ methodologies.

We respect the personal data and privacy of our employees, vendors, customers and users. We use the personal data that we collect solely to provide the services to our customers and users. We will never share, sell or exploit personal data under any circumstances. We use only world leading cloud hosting providers to ensure that data is handled and stored correctly under the most stringent of standards.

We are a global company and we, and our suppliers, comply with GDPR and other supra-national laws to ensure that customers and users across the globe can benefit from the Graduway experience. We have appointed a Data Protection Officer to oversee our data protection and privacy compliance.

Our Data Protection and Privacy policy provide clear hierarchies for accessing personal data and defined responsibilities for those handling personal data. We do not collect or store especially sensitive data under any circumstances.

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we have robust escalation policies in place to handle the incident and communicate with stakeholders as necessary.

By using Graduway, you can take comfort that data is appropriately protected and privacy respected.